*NEW* Past Life Reading

*NEW* Past Life Reading

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Past life readings take A LOT more energy than general readings so I'll only be selling a limited amount per month. You have 2 options with this reading:

Option 1) Ask any 5 questions about your past life (and yes you can include questions about another person)

Option 2) For those who don't have any specific questions, I'll pull cards to tell you your past life gender, personality, family, critical situation, life lesson, how your past life affects your present, and advice moving forward

After you make your purchase and choose the option you want, please follow the instructions below and send your email to numindframetarot@gmail.com

If you choose option one, please include in your email:

If you choose option two, please include in your email:

Please allow up to 4 weeks for your reading to be sent via email. Thank you❤️


***Past life spread created by Mark McElroy

***Artist credit: https://www.etsy.com/listing/214032725/three-fates-moirai-goddess-art-5x7